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    We successfully introduced the ISO and the Brand reputation management system to improve our work, guarantee to produce the quality products . We have been run ISO Y/T0287-2003:dtISO13485:2003 and GB/T19001-2000:dtISO9001:2000 from 2005. On the other hand, we focus on brand reputation managemnet system as the element of company growing factor.

    Brand Reputation Management system

    Building a brand or personal reputation takes years, often decades. A devastating blow to that same brand can happen as quickly as a single decision is made. What is our company always looking for that is brand reputation optimizing. Brand reputation optimization refers to how an organization best positions its brand for long-term sustainability and success. Success in this case refers both to the bottom line and to applying socially responsible business practices sometime referred to as corporate social responsibility.
    The most important aspect of brand reputation management for WF is collect feedback online or offline from internal and extenal area, to improve our product or service.
    Since the web is now the preferred method by which people receive and digest information, brand reputation optimization focuses primarily on online practices though it often complements, or is a catalyst for offline engagement.
    Many a company and business fails to capitalize on its most valuable asset ’“ its own people. Social networks have taught us the power of passionate users and social media tool have helped us to unleash the power of collective intelligence often by breeding innovation organically. Passion drives engagement.
    Still it is important to reiterate that brands are in fact internally driven. If an organization’s own people to do not believe in the underlying objectives and ethics, the brand will never flourish.
    External optimization can be further segmented into Proactive and Reactive Actions. Traditionally,we has focused more on reactive actions such as responding to customer complaints, providing warranty services after the sale, or increasing transparency practices. Thus, we now have the opportunity to focus on building brands proactively.

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